Netent Jacks or Better - Enjoy playing digital poker every day

Poker is one of the most popular casino games ever played. People love the game for its excitement and high payouts. If you have not tried playing the game online, you should definitely give a try. This website brings to you a digital poker game called Jacks or Better Double up that has become very popular.

What is Netent and what kind of games does it create?

Netent is one of the biggest marketplaces for playing awesome games and slots from top casino sites like . This website also hosts casino sites and creates cool games. The brand has almost two decades of experience in this field. The quality of games from this brand is very impressive. Here are a few interesting facts about Netent.

  1. The brand processed 58.3 billion gaming transactions in 2019 alone.
  2. There are more than 200 games to choose from.
  3. The brand has offices all over the world.

This universal brand has a lot of gaming categories to choose from. Table games video games, live games, etc. are a few choices. All the games are backed by detailed descriptions and you can also watch trailers of these games before choosing them. Netent offers both free and paid versions of games to players.


The basics of Jacks or Better

If you have played traditional poker before, the rules remain the same in this digital version. Jacks or Better Double Up is a game that helps you play poker against the game's software anytime you want over your computer or your mobile phone. This is a single-player video game that is played online.

The playing screen of the game resembles that of traditional poker. This helps you get into the playing mode very easily. The graphical system of the game is awesome and is very exciting to play in. You will also love how all the details you what to know during the game are always available on your screen.

How is Jacks or Better different from other online poker games?

Playing poker online is not a new concept. There are many such online poker games you can find on the internet. However, not all of them are as interesting and as transparent as the Jacks or Better Double Up game. The graphics and the display of the game are crystal clear and very easy to play.

Jacks or Better is also a very fast-paced game. You can move through rounds in a matter of minutes. Most online poker games proceed so slowly that you get bored playing them. Unlike games that do not give you a fair winning chance, this particular game from Netent has a very high Returns To Player (RTP) percentage.

The amazing features of Jacks or Better

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, here are some other features of the game that you should know about. This game has an interface that is smooth and very easy to play in. You will not have to worry about game lags or loading problems. Here are other features that people love about Jacks or Better.

  • Choosing between small and large payouts
  • Changing the betting coin value (€0.01 to €0.50)
  • Choosing the number of hands (1-25 hands)
  • The Double Up gambling feature

You can pick risk free small payouts or choose the royal straight flush that gives you X250 times your wager. You can play with just one other computer hand or choose up to 25 hands. The Double Up gambling option lets you guess the next card's color and if you win, you can double your winnings.

How to start playing Jacks or Better

If you like all these features about Jacks or Better and want to play it, then the steps to start playing are super easy. All you have to do is get into Netent's website and search for this particular game. Now watch the trailer and read through the descriptions. You can click on the Play now button.

Now, choose the casino where you want to play the game. All that is left for you to do is start playing. Jacks or Better Double Up will definitely keep you engaged and if you play right, you can also make great winnings. If you are new to online gaming, check this game out on Netent right away.